Open adoption

I began writing about open adoptions because as an adoptive mom, it became clear to me how misunderstood and feared open adoptions were both from questions I’ve gotten about my son’s adoption and through some encounters that my son’s biological mother has shared with me.

Enjoying the journey, 2013
Enjoying the journey, 2013

I wanted to clear up some of these misconceptions and fears by sharing our story with the world. Open adoptions can be beautiful if people can open their hearts up to it.

On this site are columns written by myself as well as those written by my son’s birthmother. Read “Our open adoption” to gain an understanding on how these columns came to be. Written initially for each other, these columns shed light on things that come up in an open adoption over the years from both sides: an adoptive mom’s and a birthmother’s; each of our perspectives help to tell our story more completely.

Karen’s columns | Birthmother columns

(Note: Names of our son’s birthparents, of our son, and of other key members of our son’s adoption story have been changed or omitted throughout this site to protect their privacy.)