I recently started sending international postcards to random people through a website called It’s a way for people to connect with others in a more personal way through postcards. Some people enjoy getting homemade cards or enjoy cards with stamps on it so here are cards I made for them.

This is a self portrait I did with the California golden hills in the background.

California condor

When we were on the rim of the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago we saw this most amazing California condor giving a show to a massive crowd slightly above it. It stood on that rock fanning it’s wings the entire time we stood there. I swear it loved having an audience. I took this picture and wanted to do an art piece of it. I finally got around to it this year.

Cosmo the Llama

This art piece was inspired by my two night stay on in a yurt on a farm. Cosmo is the llama on the farm and he oversaw the sheep and other animals there. He was a very mellow and cool llama; I strive to be like him. Cosmo is Cool.

Yurt ART

We recently stayed on a small farm in the country in a yurt that had a beautifully painted ceiling. I was so inspired when I got back home that I needed to recreate the artwork in my sketchbook. So here it is… Yurt + ART = YART

A photo of the original ceiling which was too huge to capture in one picture