This mixed media piece consists of magazine imagery, journal pages, and written pages from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” book (around edges) which I was going through around the time I designed this piece. I love the freedom I allowed myself with the red colors painting over the collaged pieces combined with the very orderly painted word, “Create.”


When I showed this piece to my brother he asked me if my 3-year-old son helped me with it. Since I felt like a child again when designing this piece I consider that to be the best compliment ever!

Kitchen cabinet vent

This was a creative solution to cover a vent hole on a kitchen cabinet under our sink in our old house. It is so much nicer to look at this then the old, broken and ugly previous vent. You don’t notice it initially but if you look closely you will see this piece has holes all throughout it so that it can serve as a vent.

be kind_sm

Favorite book characters

My son has been very much into his books lately so I wanted to create an image capturing him with some of his favorite characters. When I look at this graphic I see his big smile in the picture while he hugs his favorite monkey. I envision him pointing to each image, while making appropriate sounds with his little voice: “Meow,” “Baaa,” “Bzzzzz,” “Maaa,” and “Blah, blah, blah” for the sound a person makes.


These pictures will forever bring a smile to my face 🙂

Creating without expectation

I put this image together after taking a picture of my son’s hand after he played with color at his friend’s house. He inspired me to play too with a photo editing program. Oh how we can learn so much from our children. I often worry too much about getting messy or making mistakes that I forget how fun it is to create without expectation. Too often my mind gets in the way of creative freedom. I want to create again. I want to be free.


I did these 4 separate paintings with acrylic paint during a time in my life when I was searching for my life’s purpose. (OK, when am I NOT searching for my life’s purpose?) I had a lot of fun playing with typography and color when doing these painting and to this day I love looking at their bright colors and message: “I am where I am supposed to be.”


Blue dog

This is the stuffed animal that our son latched onto since he was 1 year old. I wanted to paint whimsical pictures of it with different backgrounds. I think they make a nice set.